Aftermarket Wheels & Rims From Wichita Tire & Alignment

Get your ride rolling on the street, track, or trail with the right set of aftermarket wheels. From classic chrome smoothies to the latest FWD designs, we’ve got the rims you need to transform your ride. Whether you drive a race car, classic or late-model musclecar, street rod, street machine, truck, Jeep, or ATV, we’ve got the wheel style, size, and finish to fit your needs. Choose wheels from 13-inch to 26-inch diameters, select lightweight aluminum or high-strength steel construction, and complete the look with polished, matte, or chrome finishes.

The brands we carry include:

Advanti Racing , Asanti, Black Rock, BMF, Bravado, Chrome Xpressions, Cragar, Cruiser Alloy, Dick Cepek, Drifz, Focal, Gear Alloy, ICW Racing, Konig, Maas, Maxxim, Mickey Thompson, Modular Society, Monster, Motiv, OE, Pacer, Platinum, Privat, RBP, Symbolic, TIS, and Ultra Muscle.


815 Wheels by Asanti ®
For style or performance, not a single wheel brand can hold a candle to Asanti.

Dick Cepek DC-2 ®
Super strong aluminum wheel built especially for trucks, SUV and 4x4s.
Light Trucks & S.U.V

Gear Alloy Nitro ®
Upgrade your pickup or Jeep with bigger, better rims and get some recognition.
Heavy Duty Truck

Konig Z-In ®
These wheels come with heritage and pedigree, not just history.

Customer FavoriteS

ICW Racing 211MS Bonzai ®
Unique titanium silver finish with mirror-machined lips.

Konig Lace Black ®
Bind your ride to the beauty of Konig Lace wheels.

Pacer Aluminum ®
162M ALUMINUM MOD Silver with machined face and lip.

Black Rock Series 997 ®
Features 8 classic soft extruded hand holes for a winning look. 
Light Trucks & S.U.V.

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